The butterfly tattoosare among the most popular insect tattoos. A symbolic creature in many cultures, it holds the meaning of beauty itself, of metamorphosis, and even among the transient nature of happiness and indeed, of life.

  • For the Aztecs, butterflies symbolized the soul or breath of life exhaled by the dead. This meaning also holds true for classical antiquity, where it was common credo that the soul exited the body of the dead in the form of a butterfly.
  • In Western culture, butterflies are also seen as symbols of freedom.
  • In Greece the Greek word equivalent to butterfly also means ?soul?
  • The Japanese believe that if a butterfly enters their guest rooms, their loved one will soon be next door.
  • In Russia, butterflies are connected with the word "Grandmother".

Minimalist Butterfly Tattoo on Wrist

Due to the huge variety of colors and shapes in nature, butterfly tattoos also have a huge diversity, changing colors, sizes, shapes, creating a huge range of possibilities.
Butterfly Tattoos can also have a direct relationship with fairy tattoos, worn together, or their wings.

Butterfly Tattoo Gallery

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