At butterfly tattoos, are among the most popular insect tattoos. A symbolic creature in many cultures, it has the meaning of beauty itself, of metamorphosis, and even of the transient nature of happiness and indeed of life.

  • To the Aztecs, butterflies symbolized the soul or breath of life exhaled by the dead. This meaning also holds true for classical antiquity, where it was a common belief that the soul would emerge from the body of the dead in the shape of a butterfly.
  • In Western culture, butterflies are also seen as symbols of freedom.
  • In Greece the Greek word for butterfly also has the meaning of "soul."
  • The Japanese believe that if a butterfly enters their guest rooms, the loved one will be next door soon.
  • In Russia, butterflies are linked with the word "Grandmother".

Minimalist Wrist Butterfly Tattoo

Due to their huge variety of colors and shapes in nature, butterfly tattoos also have a huge diversity, changing colors, sizes, shapes, creating a huge range of possibilities.
Butterfly tattoos They may also have a direct bearing on fairy tattoos, worn together, or their wings.

Butterfly Tattoos Gallery

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