A current has several meaningsgenerally related to links, union, link, physical or spiritual connection. It symbolizes ties between heaven and earth and all beings in the universe.

In social relationships, the chain symbolizes bonds of a nation, a community, a family, marriage, or collective of ideas. Some kind of bond may exist spontaneously or imposed.

When chains are shown broken or separated, their meaning is related to liberation or success in achieving a goal. When chains are joined together with padlocks, their meaning is related to physical or social imprisonment, to something imposed in life from which there is a need to be free, such as an addiction or trauma, for example.

Within Christianity, the gold chain represents the union of God and man, with the links of the chain symbolizing God's actions in people's lives. This kind of reference also appears in Greek mythology, which places a gold chain linking earth to heaven, symbolizing a path to reach the greatness of the gods.


Meaning of Chain Tattoo:

  • Lace
  • Union
  • Link
  • Physical connection
  • Spiritual connection
  • Nation
  • Community
  • Family
  • Collective
  • Wedding
  • Link
  • Freedom
  • Liberation
  • Prison
  • God's Union
  • Greatness of the Gods


Here are some images of tattoos with chains:

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