Despite the cherry tattoos symbolize sympathy, kindness, and gentleness, they are also more often connected with sexuality, loss of innocence, fertility, and lust.
Cherries are quite tasty fruits with a vibrant red color, which is one of the reasons cherry tattoos are linked to the loss of virginity, because of the color reminiscent of blood, as well as tattoos of bitten cherries.
Cherry tattoos, are most often performed near the hips.

Chocolate-covered or cream-covered cherries are also quite common, increasing the temptation represented by the fruit, not necessarily having a connection to sexual temptation.
Tattoos where the cherry is still on the tree represent purity, innocence, chastity, and morality.

Tattoos where the cherries are still on their branches can also represent youth, as the cherries detach themselves from the branches after they are ripe.

In ancient China, cherries were symbols of immortality and longevity and in Japan, they were the symbols of the Samurai.

In some cases, we can see cherries being carried in the beak of SwallowsIt has a similar meaning to the phrases: ?gone forever?, ?here is mine, where is yours?


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