Pepper, which comes from Latin ?pigmentum?, which means ?coloring matter?, is a food consumed by approximately ¼ of the Brazilian population, and is one of the most loved and hated foods by man, due to its strong taste. Formerly, in Italy, it was seen as a thing of the devil and known as ?diavoletto?, which means ?little devil? Pepper Tattoos can have many meanings and depend on each person's personality and motivation. The meanings of pepper tattoos most common are:

Pepper tattoos: symbol of sexuality

Because the pepper has a strong burning sensation and is an aphrodisiac, which makes it different from other foods, it is often associated with sensuality and sexuality, being used with this meaning by women and on parts of the body that represent some kind of sexuality, such as the neck, groin, coccyx, breasts, feet, and buttocks.

Pepper and Garlic Tattoo

Pepper tattoos as a symbol of protection

In ancient times, in Asia, chili peppers were used as amulets to ward off evil spirits. This superstition persists until today, which leads people to tattoo one or more chili peppers to ward off evil eye, envy and evil eye.

Pepper tattoos as a symbol of health benefits

Contrary to what many people think, chili peppers are good for your health in many ways, such as: stomach wall protection, expectoration, heart attack prevention, cholesterol reduction, nasal decongestion, besides being antioxidant and analgesic. For this reason, many people choose to tattoo peppers to protect their health.

Other meanings for pepper tattoos

The pepper tattoo can have other meanings, such as luck and prosperity, good love relationships, being linked to good humor, being a food that releases endorphins, just aesthetics, etc.

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