Chucky is the famous character from the ?Killer Toy? horror movies. The movie of the doll appeared in the 80's/90's and was the terror of many children and adults at the time. The movie franchise has several sequels, and in 2021 the Chucky series will premiere on Star+ channel.

The movies tell the story of a Good Guys doll that was possessed by Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer who, when killed by the police, managed to transfer his soul into the toy. From then on, Chucky is sold and given as a gift to a child and begins to take revenge on everyone who betrayed him in life. If he is unable to transfer his soul to a human, he will stay forever in the body of the doll.

According to the creator, the name of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is a combination of the names of famous criminals Charles Manson, a criminal sect leader, Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of assassinating John F. Kennedy, and James Earl Ray, assassin of Martin Luther King.

The doll is very famous among lovers of horror and cult movies and for this reason many people decide to tattoo him, not for his story or evil personality, but for the nostalgia of such a remarkable character.

 Meaning of the Chucky Tattoo:

  • Horror Movies
  • Cult
  • Nostalgia
  • Killer Dummy
  • Spirit
  • Revenge
  • Death
  • Icon
  • Killer Toy
  • Malignant

Here are some images of Chucky tattoos:

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