The church tattoo is a great way to show your religious belief or faith. It is not only meant for the habit of gathering people, but also for the building used for various public religious services.

Church comes from the Greek ?ekklesia? meaning ?called out? or ?summoned out? Within the Athenian democratic context, people were called out of their homes to gather together and talk about the administration of the city. The word church was used in the Bible with the same meaning as assembly, and its meaning is restricted to the place where a group of believers with the same religious doctrines gather for Christian teaching and preaching.

There is a huge architectural variety of churches and such diversity makes it easy to choose according to your own cultural, ethnic, and geographical connection. There are many possibilities from classic to modern designs associated with religious items such as crosses, rosaries, angels, bibles, etc.

Meaning of Church Tattoo:

  • Faith
  • Christianity
  • Christian Temple
  • Ecclesiastical Authority
  • Community
  • Faithful
  • Doctrine
  • God
  • Jesus
  • Divine
  • Worship
  • Architecture
  • Bible
  • Assembly
  • Meeting
  • Institution
  • System
  • Religion
  • Tradition
  • Ecclesiastic
  • Orthodox


Here are some images of church tattoos:

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