Coffee is a universal passion, and today the beverage can be found in every corner of the world and is part of the daily lives of thousands of people. It was once considered a symbol of power and wealth and has some kind of political and economic influence, but today the most important thing is its social aspect, being a symbol of hospitality.

The word coffee comes from the Arabic word qahwa, which means wine. For this reason, coffee was known as the "wine of Arabia" when it first appeared in Europe. Some historians say that the discovery of the plant was made by the shepherd Kaldi, an inhabitant of ancient Absinia, now Ethiopia, about a thousand years ago, while walking with his animals through the mountains and observe that they were feeding on some coffee fruits.

With so many coffee lovers around the world, it's not hard to imagine that many want to tattoo this passion on their skin. Whether it's the bean or a nice cup, people love to show their love for this everyday companion.

Meaning of Coffee Tattoo:

  • Hospitality
  • Sociability
  • Caffeine
  • Power
  • Economy
  • Passion
  • Vicio
  • Comfort

Here are some images of Coffee tattoos:

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