Dagger is a generic name for a short, or compact, sword, sharp on both edges and with great piercing power. As time went by, it evolved from other medieval weapons, such as daggers, knives, or cotton swords. Throughout the history of society, it was widely used in hand-to-hand confrontations, in rituals, religious ceremonies, and entertainment, such as the circus, for example.

In medieval times, it was a hunting, feeding, and survival companion in the woods, but in some countries it was not a well-regarded instrument, being reputed as a weapon for dirty and cowardly combat. It has also been an item of ostentation and even a tool at the table for cleaning teeth.

In religious circles, the dagger is known in candomblé as Oxum, the orixá of beauty, love, and prosperity, who always carries a dagger (or cutlass) because she is a warrior. In shamanism, they are associated with rituals of human sacrifice and usually adorned with stones, feathers, and precious metals.

In the old days it didn't have a good reputation for being associated with marginalization, deceit, and betrayal, but today we have other relevant meanings such as independence, perspicacity, sacrifice for an ideal, personal achievement, and luck.


Meaning of Dagger Tattoo:

  • Royalty
  • Combat
  • War
  • Religion
  • Ritual
  • Weapon
  • Survival
  • Betrayal
  • Independence
  • Sacrifice
  • Realization
  • Luck

Here are some images of Dagger tattoos:

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