O dog is a symbol of loyalty, companionship, courage, fun, sociability, loyalty, vigilance, intelligence, and protection.

It was the first animal domesticated by man and has great relevance in human history as both a domestic and working companion, as it has great hunting skills and an advanced sense of smell and hearing.

In Greek mythology, the dog is represented with three heads, called Cerberus. This creature symbolizes protection, knowledge, and resurrection, responsible for guarding the passage that takes the dead to the spirit world.

In Egyptian mythology, it is related to the god Anubiswhich symbolizes protection and is also responsible for guarding the sacred doors and guiding the dead to the spirit world.

The spiritual meaning of the dog is connected to its ability to love unconditionally and to always act in a loyal and fair way. They are true friends and companions, who will hardly ever stop loving their owners and, for this reason, many tattoos are tributes to pets.

Meaning of Dog Tattoo:

  • Loyalty
  • Fellowship
  • Courage
  • Fun
  • Sociability
  • Loyalty
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence
  • Protection
  • Ability
  • Protection
  • Knowledge
  • Resurrection
  • Guard
  • Love

Here are some images of Dog tattoos:

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