O fire is one of the main elements of human evolution. It was through its control that man was able to expand his physical and intellectual abilities.

Symbolically, fire represents life, enlightenment, passion, intuition, spirit, regeneration, and purification. Even though it symbolizes rebirth and renewal, fire also has a destructive aspect. In many cultures, fire has always been associated with spiritual forces and the flames of hell. It is a light that warms, but when touched, it wounds and transforms. Something extremely dangerous and destructive, which must be kept under control.

Along with Water, Earth and Air, it is one of the four traditional elements of the West, present in all the great religions, and the only one with which we cannot come into direct contact. Besides being a fundamental element for survival, it is associated with Sacredness and Spiritual Strength. In many religions, it is related to spiritual power, supreme knowledge, and immortality.

It also has a sexual symbolism, since fire is obtained by friction, as if it were the result of a sexual union.

Meaning of Tattoo with Fire:

  • Element
  • Life
  • Lighting
  • Passion
  • Intuition
  • Spirit
  • Regeneration
  • Purification
  • Renaissance
  • Renewal
  • Destruction
  • Spirit
  • Hell
  • Danger
  • Sacred
  • Power
  • Knowledge
  • Immortality
  • Sex

Here are some images of tattoos with Fire:

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