The term ?flying saucer? appeared in 1947, after an American pilot said he had been chased by a saucer-shaped craft. Another term often used is "UFO", which stands for "unidentified flying object".

Many people believe that there is intelligent life outside the planet Earth, and UFOs would be a proof of this fact. Many citizens have said that they have seen ships with bright lights and alien technology, or even that they were abducted by extraterrestrial beings, but until today there is no public proof of this.

As there are thousands of books, movies and series that use this theme, the image of UFOs and aliens is very popular among science fiction fans. It is something unknown and interesting, very common in scripts that question life in the universe. By this point, it is not very difficult to imagine that there is a legion of people who get this kind of tattoo to express their interest in aliens or science fiction in general.

One type of tattoo Very popular are the alien abduction drawings, the famous "kidnappings" that the spaceships perform. According to the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung, the flying saucer appears in moments of hallucination in the unconscious, as a reference to an involuntary desire for salvation or rescue, which arises in critical periods in life.


Meaning of the Flying Saucer Tattoo:

  • Ufology
  • UFO
  • Ets
  • Aliens
  • Abduction
  • Advanced Technology
  • Kidnapping
  • Rescue
  • Intelligent living
  • Universe
  • Science Fiction
  • Geek Culture
  • Alien
  • Unknown


Here are some images of flying saucer tattoos:

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