Today geisha are women who dedicate their lives to the arts and the preservation of traditions in Japan. They may specialize in singing, dancing, poetry, and music, and entertain the local elite at social events. The most commonly used translations for the word Geisha are: ?person who makes art?, ?artisan? or ?artist?

Their presence in Japanese culture has existed since the 17th century and they have had many roles. In Japan today, these women protect the local traditions and have great importance in society, but at the same time there is still a lot of prejudice related to them, as they are often mistaken for luxury prostitutes, although sex is not the focus of their work. Contrary to popular belief, they are very studious and hard working professionals, who undergo extremely rigorous training to improve their artistic skills.

Their image, characterized by traditional costumes and make-up, represents the mysterious and intriguing feminine power that arouses everyone's imagination. Some say they symbolize dreams and desires, something unattainable. They are usually produced with vibrant and strong colors associated with orange blossoms, a flower that represents beauty, fragility, and the transience of life.

The kimono, the traditional Geisha outfit, can have different meanings according to the color chosen:

  • Pink: youth, delicacy
  • Green: fertility, growth
  • Blue: purity, calm
  • Black: formal, solemn
  • White: optimism
  • Red: celebrations


Meaning of Geisha Tattoo:

  • Japanese Culture
  • Tradition
  • Power
  • Female Power
  • Beauty
  • Mystery
  • Art
  • Refinement
  • Dreams
  • Skills
  • Desire
  • Imagination
  • Fantasy
  • Sensuality
  • Delicacy


Here are some images of Geisha tattoos:

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