The griffin is a thousand-year-old legendary creature, of Asian origin, half eaglehalf lionIt is known to represent the virtues of wisdom and strength, as described in some legends.

It has a great association with justice, light, divine authorities, the cycle of death and rebirth, the sacred, and the gods, and is invoked in rituals and ceremonies.

The griffin belongs to a large family of winged hybrid beings found in ancient civilizations, which include the sphinxThe winged bull, winged lion, winged men with bird heads, and their variants. Their claws and fangs were gigantic, they had the ability to build nests with gold found in the mountains, and they laid agates instead of eggs.

Its popularity remains to this day in Western culture, in the popular imagination, in art and folklore, appearing in various visual and literary works symbolizing power, strength, dignity, and protection.

 Meaning of the Griffin Tattoo:

  • Wisdom
  • Go to
  • Light
  • Gods
  • Death
  • Renaissance
  • Sacred
  • Power
  • Protection
  • Dignity
  • Gold
  • Justice
  • Hybrid

See some images of griffin tattoos:

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