The Greek eye, also known as the Turkish eye or Nazar, is a talisman that wards off envy and the evil eye.

It is commonly used as pendants on bracelets and necklacesand tattoos. It is believed to be a symbol of luck, which has the power to ward off negative energies and protect from envy. Many times it is used together with an amulet of pepperwhich is used to ward off evil spirits.

It is usually made of glass and in blue, because there is a belief that the evil eye possesses this color and therefore does not attract it easily. Some mothers put the amulet on their children's clothes, and if it appears cracked, it means that its function has been fulfilled and it must be replaced.

Another known function of the Greek eye is to protect and bring peace, symbolizing God's gaze that illuminates human beings.

 Meaning of the Greek Eye Tattoo:

  • Amulet
  • Remove Envy
  • Remove the evil eye
  • Protection
  • Clearing Away Negative Energies
  • God's gaze
  • Lighting
  • Peace

Here are some images of Greek Eye tattoos:

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