Lighthouses installed near the sea, on the coast or on nearby islands, are intended to guide ships at night and help navigators reach land. They are usually elevated structures with a tower equipped with lights that reach great distances.

Its symbolism is associated with spiritual enlightenment and immortality of souls. The lighthouse serves as a guide, light, or direction of a path to follow in life or in the death.

Related to other maritime items such as waves, anchors and ships, within a world of uncertainty, danger, stagnation or unrest, the lighthouse symbolizes the safest path to the right direction that will lead to your goals.

Connected to sailors and fishermen, it symbolizes courage and strength to face the seas and return to their families. The lighthouse guides, protects, and brings safety and hope to people.

 Meaning of the Lighthouse Tattoo:

  • Guidance
  • Light
  • Guide
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Immortality
  • Direction
  • Path
  • Security
  • Courage
  • Go to
  • Protection
  • Hope

Here are some images of Lighthouse tattoos:

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