The iguanas are reptiles in the Iguanidae family, have diurnal habits, and are totally herbivorous. Known for their exotic appearance, they can reach up to 180cm in length, have a light green body when young, and get darker as they get older.

Its image is usually associated with strength, firmness, power, and determination, as it was a figure that formerly had to be conquered and was used mainly by male soldiers. In some people it is linked to immortality, which is associated with people who like to take risks constantly.

A common characteristic of iguanas is their habit of standing still, just observing, and for this reason they are associated with contemplation, meditation, and acceptance. In Christianity, the lizard represents a wise man among the wise, but also humility and the search for light.

In some countries of the world, its symbolism can be quite different: in Greek culture, it symbolizes dexterity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and prosperity in commerce; in India, it symbolizes fertility; among the Egyptians, it is a symbol of good luck and wisdom; in Roman culture, it symbolized death.

In shamanism, it is a protector of the knowledge and cultures of the ancestral peoples.


Meaning of Iguana Tattoo:

  • Dexterity
  • Development
  • Ingenuity
  • Immortality
  • Go to
  • Firm
  • Power
  • Determination
  • Trust
  • Contemplation
  • Searching for the Light
  • Meditation
  • Death
  • Wisdom


Here are some images of tattoos with Iguana:

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