The jellyfish is a animal A marine creature that has a bell-shaped body with many tentacles. It is a very ancient and mysterious creature, which has no brain, heart, lungs, or gills. There are only nerves in the tentacles, which respond to all external stimuli.

It symbolizes strength, power, determination, persistence, and survival, as it is a great example of an animal that adapts to the most diverse conditions. They seem calm and peaceful, but become one of the most dangerous creatures of the seas when they feel threatened.

It is also very much associated with the power of immortality, because there are species that have the ability to transform from the adult phase to its initial phase in periods of stress, which keeps it alive for an indefinite period.

 Meaning of Jellyfish Tattoo:

  • Ocean
  • Sea Animal
  • Jellyfish
  • Adaptability
  • Tentacles
  • Stimuli
  • Go to
  • Survival
  • Determination
  • Power
  • Danger
  • Protection
  • Immortality

Here are some images of jellyfish tattoos:

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