Lambda, ? upper and ? lower case, is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. The lower case Greek letter carries several meanings, among them balance. The Greeks regarded balance as a constant adjustment needed to prevent opposing forces from overcoming each other. The curve at the bottom of the lambda's right leg represents the action required to achieve and maintain balance.

To the Spartans, lambda meant unity and they believed that society should never violate anyone's individuality and freedom. The Romans adopted the letter to represent knowledge over ignorance.

In physics, the symbol can refer to energy. So the lambda, with all its meanings, is a symbol that fits perfectly with the gay liberation movement, which energetically seeks a balance in society.

 Meaning of Lambda Tattoo:

  • Balance
  • Energy
  • Opposing forces
  • Unit
  • Freedom
  • Individuality
  • Knowledge
  • Gay liberation

Here are some images of Lambda tattoos:

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