The image of a light bulb can represent light, illumination, brightness, and many other ideas. They are commonly associated with human thought and having a "bright idea".

The light bulb tattoo symbolizes creativity, intelligence, and great ideas, since they say that when you make a great discovery, there is no more darkness.

In addition to symbolizing the thought process and great ideas, the light bulb tattoo can also represent the love of science and great discoveries in human history. Historically, the creation of the light bulb was a milestone that revolutionized the world, which previously relied on lanterns and candles.

When you represent a broken light bulb, you may want to symbolize a loss, a letting go, a lack of control, a transition, or even ideas that have overstepped your personal boundaries.

The lamp tattoo with flowers symbolizes hope, an innovative thought, intelligence, courage and invention. In this case, the light bulb can represent a path and the flowers portray the goal of becoming someone better.

Meaning of Lamp Tattoo:

  • Idea
  • Path
  • Lighting
  • Shine
  • Move on
  • Forget past
  • Hope
  • Innovation
  • Intelligence
  • Courage
  • Invention
  • Discovery
  • Loss
  • detachment
  • Science
  • Creativity

See some images of Lamp tattoos:

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