The laurel wreath is a symbol of triumph. Throughout history, its image has been associated with victory, conquest, nobility, awards, and rewards.

The origin of wearing the laurel wreath comes from the myth of Daphne, a story of unrequited love. According to the legend, the nymph transformed herself into a laurel tree to escape from Apollo, God of light, healing, poetry, music, and prophecy, protector of athletes and young warriors. The God Apollo then made a crown from the leaves, with which he came to be represented.

During the empire, crowns were custom-made to crown emperors. In ancient Greece and Rome, warriors, athletes, musicians, and poets received a crown to symbolize their victories, achievements, and status. Although it had no material value, the laurel wreath was a very special prize for the people who won it, and they were received in their cities with celebrations and honors.

Besides the significance of victory, the laurel is also a symbol of immortality, as it remains green throughout the winter.

Meaning of Blonde Crown Tattoo:

  • Luck
  • Victory
  • Youth
  • Conquest
  • Status
  • Perfection
  • Nobility
  • Triumph
  • Award
  • Reward
  • Aggressiveness
  • Immortality

Take a look at some images of Blondie Crown tattoos:

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