At lotus flower tattoos They are usually symbols that a person has overcome difficulties and has moved on with his life.

Lotus Flowers, also known as Egyptian lotus, Sacred Lotus and Indian lotus, symbolize spiritual expansion and elevation. The roots of the lotus stay in the mud and the stem grows and stands out from the dirt and the flower blooms above the water in search of light.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoos Meanings in Asian Culture

It is considered sacred in Asia for turning east at sunrise and honoring sunrise. In ancient Egypt, it meant "rebirth" as a symbol of Osiris' death and resurrection. A quote that says “Turn yourself into a lotus and you will have the promise of resurrection” It's in the Book of the Dead.

THE meaning "creation and sun" is due to the fact that the flower dips into the river at night and emerges and blooms again during the day. The Lotus Flower is an important figure in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Lotus Flower Tattoo - Buddha

In Hinduism, it is related to the creation of the universe because Brahma, creator of the world, was born of a lotus.

In Buddhism, it represents one of the eight most promising symbols of Buddhist teaching. Several Buddhists and monks in meditation imagine lotus flowers appearing under their feet as they walk. In this way they would be spreading Buddha's compassion and love. It is associated with the Buddha because he is sitting on a flower during its flowering or holding it. A famous Buddhist mantra (“Om mani podme hum”), which means “Shining the jewel in the lotus”, represents the beautiful and beautiful flower that stands out in an unfavorable environment. In both religions, the Lotus Flower represents the spiritual awakening of life and enlightenment. In India, it is synonymous with wealth, fertility, purity and knowledge.

Already in China, it symbolizes divinity, perfection and beauty.

The different colors of the lotus flower have different meanings in tattoos:

  • Blue Lotus Flower Tattoos: symbolize the victory of the spirit over the senses, means wisdom and knowledge.
  • White Lotus Flower Tattoos: They symbolize the state of perfection of spirit and mind, total purity and perfect nature.
  • Red Lotus Flower Tattoos: Symbol of purity of heart and original nature. It is the flower of love, compassion, passion and all the qualities attached to the heart.
  • Pink Lotus Flower Tattoos: is the supreme of the lotus and is usually associated with the deities. It is linked to the Great Buddha.

The Lotus Flower is also tattooed in Japan next to koi fish to symbolize individualism and strength.

Curiosity: The flower is a puzzle for science, which has yet to explain how lotus flowers are self-cleaning and repel microorganisms and dust.

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