The parrot is a bird that has as its most interesting characteristic the fact that it repeats human speech and sounds around it. O animal has various symbologies depending on the culture where it is found:

Among the Maya, it is considered a symbol of fire and solar energy, which also possessed the ability to predict serious illness and environmental tragedies.

Considered one of Mohammed's symbols, it is related to petrification and lack of questioning.

In some Arab stories, it symbolizes the unconscious. It is related to the psychopomp, a species that always speaks the truth, but sometimes in a doubtful way.

Since it has the gift of imitating not only speech, but also sounds, noises, and random noises, the parrot is considered a "great universal mirror" that reflects everything it hears.

In Christianity, it is common to associate the bird with the Virgin Mary.

In India, it represents erotic sexual desire.

In Hinduism, it was a symbol of love and courtship, for the god of love, Kama, had chosen a kite as his symbol.

Meaning of Parrot Tattoo:

  • Fire
  • Sun
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Unconscious
  • Communication
  • Truth
  • Dating
  • Love
  • Sexual desire
  • Virgin Mary
  • Universal mirror
  • Forecast

Here are some images of Parrot tattoos:

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