Considered one of the oldest symbols in the world, the labyrinth is much more than a physical and complex puzzle that leads us to a dead end or to success.

It can be seen as a journey of life, or an adventure of the mind and soul, where its paths represent choices, right and wrong, or negative and positive.

The labyrinth appears in many cultures and its interpretation can be different depending on the geographical location. In Greek mythology, the legendary craftsman Daedalus designed and built an elaborate and confusing structure called the Labyrinth. It was made for King Minos of Crete for the purpose of holding the half bull, half man monster named Minotaur.

In Christianity, a labyrinth can symbolize the journey of life or the search for God. In general, it represents a long and difficult journey that needs to be understood and completed.

In the tradition of Jewish Kabbalah, the labyrinth is associated with Solomon, the path to achieving the Great Work, paths of mystical renewal and spiritual resurrection.

In fortresses, it was used as a defense mechanism.

Meaning of Labyrinth Tattoo:

  • Soul
  • Mind
  • Path of Life
  • Problem
  • Map
  • No Exit
  • Route
  • Success
  • Alley
  • Choices
  • Search for God
  • Journey
  • Renewal
  • Resurrection
  • Defense

Here are some images of Labyrinth tattoos:

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