There are several symbolisms in the tattoos of church. The most common and well-known is when it represents a person's faith.

It can have several interpretations, such as a more specific meaning about the sentimental relationship with Christ and, moreover, it can also be a physical representation of the saying "my body is a temple".

When they are represented as being on fire, they symbolize the flames of the Holy Spirit, which bring changes in life, good overcoming evil, and a conflict between pain and relief. Also in this sense, they represent a cycle that is ending in life for the arrival of something new and special, or a new chance to start over.

In some social groups, it can symbolize revolt, rebellion, opposition to religious organizations, opposition to some doctrines, and disappointment with one's faith.

Meaning of Burning Church Tattoo:

  • Faith
  • Christianity
  • Change
  • Conflicts
  • Holy Spirit
  • Cycle
  • Fresh Start
  • Good over Evil
  • Pain and Relief
  • Revolt
  • Movement
  • Opposition
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Rebellion

Check out some images of Burning Church tattoos:

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