Faun symbolizes fertility in most cultures. In Roman mythology he was the grandson of Saturn and considered a god of the forests and shepherds, besides having the gift of prophecy. His name comes from the Latin Faunus, which means ??favorable? and also from the word Fatuus, which means ??destiny? and ??prophet?

They symbolize festivities and are very playful. They love to play the flute, dance, and drink. They have a great sense of direction and can guide travelers through forests if they like them.

There are several myths about the faun, in different times, with different names and characteristics. They are usually represented as beings that have a body that is half human and half goat. The word faun in the plural represents bipedal beings, demigods descended from the Roman god Faunus.

Meaning of Faunus Tattoo:

  • Mythology
  • Forest
  • Biped
  • Goat
  • Fertility
  • Protector
  • Festivities
  • Play
  • Travelers
  • Half-human
  • Demigod

Here are some images of Faun tattoos:

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