Zé Pelintra, or Pilintra, is an entity in Umbanda and Catimbó, represented by a white suit and shoes, red tie and a hat that covers his eyes. Like other entities, it has no definition of evil or good. He brings a lesson about respect and value to the most unfortunate in society.

It is very common to find him on the facade of stores selling religious articles. Generally, he is known as the patron saint of bars, restaurants, gambling establishments and alleys. He is recognized by the stereotype of the rascal, who enjoys the pleasures of life. He is considered to be a humble spirit, full of kindness, king of the nightlife, and passionate about games and disputes.

In his offerings, he enjoys many kinds of food, but his favorites are from the Northeast region, like farofa de linguiça sausage, fried sardines, pumpkin with dried meat, coalho cheese, jiló, coconut, and rapadura.

Besides food, he also likes very cold white beer, candles, cigarettes, games and coins. It is said that he possesses more power on the slopes of hills, at crossroads and on street corners.

In the shrine, it appears to remove negative energies, expel derogatory actions caused by prejudice, bring purification to the soul of the needy, healing, and opening of paths.

Meaning of the Zé Pelintra tattoo:

  • Candomblé
  • Umbanda
  • Catimbó
  • Exu
  • Entity
  • Naughty
  • Bohemia
  • Chivalry
  • Northeastern foods
  • Light beer
  • Cigarette
  • Coins
  • Deck
  • Respect
  • Value
  • Humility

See some images of Zé Pelintra tattoos:

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