The symbol omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and symbolizes the end. Together with the first letter of the alphabet, "alpha", it has the meaning of "beginning and end". Its image is associated with the end and beginning of cycles, and also with the spiritual world.

The so-called "omega point" has to do with spiritual evolution and approaching the divine. It is used to describe the last and highest level of human consciousness.

Within Christianity, the symbol represents an eternal God, for like omega and alpha, everything has an origin and an end in what is divine.

The symbology related to the end also symbolizes new beginnings, for this is how the human being follows his path in search of evolution, in constant cycles.

Also used in physics, in its capital form Ωas the unit of measure for electrical resistance, and in its lowercase form ω as the speed variable.


Meaning of Omega symbol tattoo:

  • End
  • Spirituality
  • Evolution
  • Divine
  • Cycles
  • Human Consciousness
  • restarts
  • Physics


Here are some images of tattoos with the omega symbol:

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