The first thing that comes to mind when talking about owl tattoos is wisdom and experience, possibly having its origin in Greek culture, where owls were the sacred bird accompanying the goddess Athena.

Owls are also remembered for being nocturnal hunting animals having a great spiritual symbolism, being also known as "Angels of Death", or "Goddesses of the Night", being considered messengers for witches, magicians, and their relationship with the spiritual side.

In China, some beliefs claim that a young owl would peck out the eyes of its mother, and are linked to the Yang side (Yin Yang), with some negative and destructive connotations in their meaning.

Because it is a medium-sized/large bird, owl tattoos tend to be very detailed, and are done in several variations of styles (black/white, lineart, color) and positions (flying, sitting on books, branches, etc.).

Owl Tattoo Features

Many people also get owl tattoos, simply because of their physical characteristics: big eyes, short beak, very different shape of the head, short stature, and can be very colorful.

Owl Tattoo Gallery

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