The black panther is part of the Panthera genus, along with the leopard, puma, jaguar and jaguar. The name "black panther" is a generic term for any large cat with black fur. It has this color due to an excess of melanin, a condition known as "melanic," but in sunlight you can still see some spots and speckles.

These animals are very agile, fierceThey are excellent swimmers and climbers and generally live lonely. Their color is not an advantage in the jungle during the day, but at night they are easily camouflaged.

It has great sensitivityable to perceive even the smallest vibrations in nature. This characteristic is a reminder to be attentive to our instincts and to the feelings of others.

Very popular in tattoos, his image is usually used to represent courage and independencetransforming fear into positive energy to move forward in life.

Some other commonly used meanings are: maternity and protectionas they are highly protective animals, moonlight, mystery, and femininity.

In shamanism, the panther is associated with recovery of power, death and rebirth, understanding death, feminine energy, ability to know darkness and aggressiveness.

Meaning of Panther Tattoo:

  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Go to
  • Fierce
  • Instinct
  • Desire
  • Power
  • Night
  • Death
  • Renaissance
  • Feminine Energy
  • Resistance
  • Solitude
  • Mystery
  • Intelligence
  • Maternity

Here are some images of Panther tattoos:

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