The pentagram tattoos have several meanings religious or spiritual. It is one of the oldest symbols in the world. The most common pentagram tattoo meanings are:

  • Five elements: light, air, fire, water, and wind.
  • Christianity: symbolizes the five senses and health. In the Middle Ages, it was the symbol of the cross and represented the five wounds of Jesus Christ.
  • Protection against evil.
  • Satanism: They used to practice black magic. The pentagram is reversed inside a double circle, and inside the pentagram is the head of a goat. Each end has a Hebrew letter, forming the word "LVYTN", which means "Leviathan", a sea monster from Old Testament mythology.
  • Astronomy: The planet Venus, during its path around the Sun, follows a pattern similar to a pentagram, connecting this pentagram to the Sun. star tattoo to feminism.
  • Wicca: White magic and nature-based religion. It represents a symbol of faith.
  • Pythagoras: The pentagram is a symbol of mathematical perfection.

Photos of pentagram tattoos

Check out some pictures below that we have selected to inspire you for your next pentagram tattoo.

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