Piranhas are carnivorous freshwater fish, known for having extremely sharp teeth and being very aggressive when they feel threatened. The name "piranha" is indigenous to natives of Brazil. Pira is "fish" and ranha, means "tooth". They are found in some rivers in South America, even serving as food in some places, are between 14 and 26cm long, although some have been found to be around 40cm.

They are easily recognized by their teeth, pointed in a triangular shape, with an extremely strong bite, capable of tearing off pieces of meat. Their prey is devoured quickly, since this species usually lives in large shoals, which facilitates hunting and protection from predators. They can sense one drop of blood in 200 liters of water and find injured animals easily.

Generally, fish tattoos have positive meanings, such as good luck, prosperity, and fertility, but piranhas have some different meanings according to their nature. Their image is commonly associated with danger, destruction, and strength. Being great predators, they symbolize physical and moral strength, determination and perseverance.

Meaning of Piranha Tattoo:

  • Danger
  • Aggressiveness
  • Fear
  • Amazon
  • Blood
  • Protection
  • Destruction
  • Go to
  • Determination
  • Focus

Here are some images of Piranha tattoos:


  1. Two of those imagines very definitely aren't piranhas. The second one in the first row is a deep sea angler and the first one in the fourth row is a viperfish.