A pirate is an outcast who, autonomously or organized in groups, crosses the seas to plunder ships and cities for wealth and power. Many were runaway slaves or indentured servants. The crews were usually very democratic. The captain was elected by her and could be removed at any time.

The dress of the best known stereotype of pirates is:

  • Eye patch - Contrary to popular belief (that they wore it because of a missing eye or some other kind of problem that prevented them from seeing normally), it served to keep one of the eyes always adapted to dark environments;
  • Tricorn hator three-sided hat;
  • Hooks and Legs - Piracy was difficult and dangerous work, and pirates often lost limbs in battles and accidents;
  • Armaments ? they generally used flintlock weapons, axe-shaped cleavers and daggers;
  • Parrots - pirates usually captured the animals to sell.

Besides clothing, another very popular image linked to pirates is the flag of skull with the crossbones. Today it represents some material that is dangerous, but in relation to the pirates, it was a threat, a warning of death or message of destruction.

People often tattoo pirates for their overall personality, as they are a symbol of freedom, courage, bravery, unity, loyalty, and wanderlust.

Meaning of Pirate Tattoo:

  • Marginal
  • Theft
  • Threat
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Sea
  • Ship
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Bravery
  • Union
  • Loyalty
  • Travel

Here are some images of Pirate tattoos:

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