The saci is one of the legends of Brazilian folklore. It originated from the indigenous people and is also known by the names saci-pererê, saci-cererê, matimpererê, matita perê, saci-saçurá, and saci-trique. The name saci-pererê comes from the indigenous Tupi language and means "to jump".

In the legends, the saci is described as a young black man, one-legged, but fast moving and in the habit of smoking a pipe. He is hairless and hairless, and wears a red cap that brings him magical powers.

He can be represented as an evil being, playful, mischievous, or graceful, depending on the version told. Considered a playful figure, he has fun with animals and people, making small mischief or scaring travelers with his whistles.

Outside of folklore and within the criminal world, the saci tattoo, strongly associated with the pipe, can mean that the person is a crack user or connected to the drug trade, called "sacizeiros".

 Meaning of the Saci Tattoo:

  • Brazilian folklore
  • Trick
  • Magic
  • Legend
  • Pipe
  • Play
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Inner Child
  • Forests
  • Forests

See some images of tattoos with Saci:

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