Samurai means ?one who serves?, with reference to the period when they were subordinate to the emperor. Another name used to refer to the samurai is ?Bushi? meaning ?warrior?, which makes up the term ?Bushido? meaning ?Way of the Warrior?

Its origin was during the feudal period in Japan. In the beginning, samurai only collected taxes and served the empire, but later they gained a series of military functions. They had great social prestige and only a samurai's son could become a samurai.

The prestigious condition of the warriors was shown in some social differences at the time, such as dress and behavior. Besides learning how to fight, they had a code of moral values to be followed, called Bushido. According to this code, they had a very important relationship with their sword, the katana, which should be treated as if it were their soul.

A motto in the life of a samurai is that he should not fear the death and consider the death of his enemies as an obligation. If he failed in his mission or was guilty of his master's death, the dishonor would lead to punishment, which was a ritual suicide called ?haraquiri? or ?seppuku?

Outside of combat, the samurai valued culture and the development of other skills, such as arranging, theater, or poetry. Even today the warriors' lifestyle serves as an influence, which is well seen in many sports. In addition to sports, there are also teachings that seek to help people overcome obstacles in their daily lives and have more calm, control, discipline, and self-confidence.


Meaning of Samurai Tattoo:

  • Honor
  • Justice
  • Perfection
  • Loyalty
  • Japan
  • Go to
  • Discipline
  • Knowledge
  • Battle
  • Warrior
  • Control
  • Self-confidence
  • Moral Values
  • Overcoming Obstacles



See some images of Samurai tattoos:

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