Sanskrit, or Sanskrit language, is an ancient language of Indian and Nepali origin. Although it is currently considered a dead language, it still has great importance in the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

The most important religions of the East arose in India and all have characteristics related to karma and reincarnation, using ancient language texts as their basis.

Many people, besides the natives, like to use this language to pay homage to Indian culture, customs, and traditions. In this sense, one should have a good knowledge of the language for translation or reproduction of what one intends to tattoo. One instruction related to respecting the sacred language is not to get the tattoo in a lower body location.

Here are some popular examples of Sanskrit tattoos:

OM, spiritual sound widely used in meditation




SHANTI, peace or inner peace




OM SHANTI, combination of om and shanti




GAYATRI MANTRA, one of the most famous mantras of Hinduism, prosperity mantra



PADMA, lotuselevation




ANUUGACCHATU PRAVAHA, go with the flow




TAT PARIVARTAN BHAV, be the change you want to see




ABHAY, fearless




DHASIHI, breathe




AHIMSA, do not hurt, compassion








VAM-SUNDARAM, truth is eternal and beautiful




TIMIRAM, darkness




KARMA, actions




AHAMASMI YODA, I am a warrior




Meaning of Tattoo in Sanskrit:

  • Faith
  • History
  • Tribute
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Oriental Culture
  • Tradition
  • Customs
  • Amulet


Here are some images of Sanskrit tattoos:

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