Unlike the Catholic religion and its tradition of mourning in the day of the deadFor Mexicans, the Day of the Dead is a day of much happiness and celebration. El día de Muertos is a day of remembrance and honor to the dead of each family, the idea is that people live as well with death as with life, to celebrate the peace of the spirits of those who are gone.

The celebrations are offered to the goddess Mictecacíhuatlknown as the Lady of Death. La Catrina came from the engraving by La Calavera de La Catrina of the Mexican artist José Guadalupe PosadaThe skull is a representation of a high society lady in the shape of a skull.

Catrina is a feminine variant of the word Catrín, which means a man of good taste and good aesthetic sense, not necessarily someone belonging to the nobility, but the perfect exemplary gentleman. The figure of La Catrina is meant to remind us that even the richest face death, that it is the same for everyone. Since the figure painted by José, La Catrina has become more and more sophisticated, and today, it is seen among Mexican skulls both in Day of the Dead festivities and in Tattoos. No longer with the luxurious headdresses, but with various flowers in her hair.

Catrinas tattoo photo gallery

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