Star Tattoos are very popular with both men and women, and can have many meanings, and there are many different types of stars.
In general, stars have always been and still are inspiring, even though nowadays we have science to help us understand the universe.

In the old days, man would look up at the sky and try to understand and explain the vision he had with the help of mythology and religion. That is why the star has become a powerful symbol in these respects. Its meaning is wide and varied, but it is usually connected to luck, symbolizing a "guiding star" that leads and protects. Its most notable aspect is light, and it is associated with hope, dreams, truth, and inspiration. It can also represent the soul of someone who has passed away, or, in some cultures and religions, someone of great importance. There are several types of stars, the most common are:

Meaning of shooting star tattoos

Very popular, beautiful, and versatile. Tattoos with this star suggest true wishes and are also symbols of good luck and success.

Five-pointed star tattoo meanings

When it has two ends facing down, it represents the harmony of nature and man in the place of God. When it has two ends facing up, it is a symbol of Satan or evil, representing Lucifer and his kingdom. More information about Pentagram tattoos.

  • Hexagram tattoos: six-pointed star: It is a symbol of the interaction between the divine and the mortal. It is similar to the Star of Davidbut here the triangles are intertwined and not overlapping. It is also linked to Judaism.
  • Septagram Tattoos: Seven-pointed star. It is a symbol of integration and the mystical, due to its connection with the number 7. It is associated with the seven planets of the traditional solar system and other systems that involve the number 7, such as the chakras.
  • Eight-pointed star tattoos with Octagram.. It is a symbol of regeneration and abundance.
  • Tattoos with Nonagram: Nine-pointed star. It is a symbol of achievement and stability.

Other meanings of star tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos
Rose of the Winds Tattoos

Star tattoo photo gallery

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