The stripe tattoos have existed for thousands of years in various civilizations, so there is a huge range of possibilities for the meaning of the stripe tattoo. Because they are aesthetically beautiful and malleable in their meaning, the stripe tattoo is one of the most popular today. Here you will find some meanings attached to them.

 Tribal/ Indigenous

Some tribes use stripe tattoos to represent the rank within the tribe of each member, the number of stripes and location reflecting what rank that member is in.

Indigenous Tribal Stripe Tattoo


Another group that has adopted stripe tattoos to express themselves are soldiers of various ranks, some tattoo the stripe number related to the years they served, others colleagues they lost in war or number of achievements.


The Yakuza mafia organization is already famous for their specific tattoos, stripes are part of their huge range of tattoos. According to books about Yakuza tattoos, the stripes can represent the district and region where a group works/ belongs, each group has a number of stripes and a place where the tattoo should be located ? an internal code.

Stripe Tattoos Meanings for Yakuza

Personal Goals and Motivations

The stripes can still signify the number of goals that someone has accomplished in their life, their achievements, or their goals. The tattoo serves as a reminder not to give up on what you set out to do.

Stripe tattoo photo gallery

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