Soccer team tattoos are always very popular. Fans from all over the world love to show their passion for the team of their heart, marking on their skin all their admiration for the team.

O São Paulo Football Club is one of the most traditional teams in Brazil, with one of the largest fan bases in the state of São Paulo and in the world.

Its symbol has the colors white, black, and red. It is also called heart five-pointed tricolor, formed by a triangle and a rectangle. Inside there is a black rectangle, which contains the team letters "SPFC", and two triangles, one black and one red.

The colors arose from the union of the two teams that gave rise to the current SPFC, CA Paulistano, which had the colors red and white, and AA das Palmeiras, which had the colors black and white. In addition, the colors also belong to the São Paulo state flag.

In conjunction with the shield, there are the stars red, which symbolize the world titles, and the yellow stars, which are a tribute to the athlete Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, Brazil's first two-time Olympic champion.

 Meaning of the São Paulo symbol tattoo:

  • Soccer
  • Team
  • Tribute
  • Fan
  • Fan
  • Victory

See some images of tattoos with the São Paulo symbol:

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