Tarot, or tarot, is an oracle and deck for recreational and esoteric use used in the 18th century, generally consisting of 78 cards. It has been used by Italian nobility since the Renaissance period, and its official rules are published by the French Tarot Federation. From the beginning, the cards were used to predict the future, based on randomness. The cards are drawn and the tarologist analyzes the images to interpret situations and direct people.

The term "esoteric tarot" refers to the use of tarot cards as an integral part of modern occultism, along with astrology, alchemy, and kabbalah. It is divided into two major groups: major arcana and minor arcana.

The major arcana have 22 symbols, which reveal ideas and possibilities of life. The minor Arcana reveal the results and forms of ideas, distributed by four basic symbols: the suit of Diamonds, the suit of Swords, the suit of Hearts, and the suit of Clubs. Each suit has ten numbered arcana and four arcana with medieval court figures (Jack, Knight, Queen, King).

  • Suit of diamonds - related to the earth element, material life, financial achievements, professional, dedication, effort and commitment.
  • Suit of clubs ? Related to the fire element, energetic and spiritual plane, courage, will and power of accomplishment.
  • Suit of hearts - Related to the element of water, world of feelings, heart and emotions.
  • Suit of spades - It corresponds to the air element, mind, thought, and creativity.

Meaning of Tarot Card Tattoo:

  • Oracle
  • Forecast
  • Future
  • Randomness
  • Interpretation
  • Occultism
  • Possibilities
  • Ideas
  • Results
  • Achievements
  • Spiritual
  • Feelings
  • Thoughts
  • Mind
  • Realization

Here are some images of Tarot Card tattoos:

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