Gargoyles are frightening-looking, monstrous, human or animal-like statues, usually found in Gothic architecture.

Its use in construction is to help drain rainwater. Its name comes from the French gargouille, which derives from the root gar, or swallow, associated with the sound of water. The work prevents water from corroding important monuments in buildings.

On the other hand, the intention of building gargoyles is the indication that that place is under constant surveillance, as demons never rest. They are believed to come to life during the night and help drive evil spirits away from the universe.

Other historians say that, in fact, the gargoyles are a way of expelling sin out of the churches or that they were monstrous because they were sinners, reminding people of the importance of being good.


Meaning of Gargoyle Tattoo:

  • Threat
  • Protection
  • Warding off Bad Spirits
  • Ornament
  • Sinners
  • Salvation
  • Surveillance
  • Demons
  • Religion
  • Faith
  • Evil Temptations


Here are some images of Gargoyle tattoos:


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