The tiger is widely used when it comes to animal tattoos. The main choices are the Siberian tiger, white with black stripes, and the Bengal tiger, orange with black stripes.

Historically speaking, the tiger cult comes mainly from Asian countries where the presence of this animal was common, until poaching drove them to near extinction. It is estimated that the oldest item found in China with an engraved tiger is six thousand years old. The symbolism of this animal offers several meanings, such as:

  • Go to
  • Power
  • Beauty
  • Pride
  • Danger
  • Courage
  • Independence
  • Freedom

Due to the tiger's aggressive behavior, its design can also signify the darkness existing inside a person.

One can notice, especially in countries like China and Japan, a strong presence of the symbolism of the tiger and the dragon, which has several meanings. Among them, balance: heaven and earth, yin and yang. In Feng Shui, they are complete opposites: the dragon is an auspicious creature, symbolizing prosperity, while the tiger is considered a dangerous animal to be feared and revered. Both are highly valued, each with its own value.

O tiger was the main symbol of devotion for millennia, with the development of agriculture, people became more concerned about the weather, and, believing that the dragon had the power to control it, started to pay more attention to it. Over time, the mystical creature became dominant in the people's devotion, and the tiger, still important, was named "King of the Mountains. Still in Chinese culture, there is an appreciation of the animal with the sign of the Tiger, and those born at that time would have the capacity for keen perception and a strong humanitarian vocation.

To Koreans, the tiger is the king of animals. The Hindu God Shiva is depicted riding a tiger and wearing tiger skin. There, the tiger is seen as a symbol of power and strength, but also of destruction and violence.

In some parts of the East, the tiger is one of the symbols of mafia groups and gangs and signifies danger, revenge, and punishment.

It is worth remembering that the meaning of the tattoo is personal, in that, each person determines the history and the meaningThis article contains additional general information about the Tiger tattoo.

Tiger Tattoo Pictures

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