Totoro is a character from the Japanese film ?Tonari no Totoro?, directed by Hayao Miazaki for Studio Ghibli.

The film is set in post-war Japan and tells the story of two sisters who move into a new house and discover that there is a forest nearby inhabited by magical creatures. Totoro, a guardian spirit of the forest, befriends the girls, showing them a fantastic world and teaching them about the truths of life.

The family situation is not the best. The mother is in the hospital, the father is out teaching every day, and the sisters have to adapt to a rapidly changing life. Even in this situation, the film tries to deal with the problems with optimism and to recognize the value of what one has at the moment, because otherwise people would live in constant sadness.

The character Totoro is mysterious, but creates a great relationship of respect, protection, and comfort with the children. With a beautiful and sensitive story, the film shows Totoro accompanying the girls on their adventures, welcoming the sisters in this difficult time.

Meaning of Totoro Tattoo:

  • My Friend Totoro
  • Animation
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Nature
  • Forest Spirits
  • Change
  • Optimism
  • Friendship
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Equality
  • Reception
  • Family
  • Positivity
  • Give back
  • Value of things

Here are some images of Totoro tattoos:

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