The Tree of Life is a symbol known in many beliefs and cultures with similar meanings: creation, fecundity, immortality, human development and spiritual evolution.

There is an association between life-cycle human and the life cycle of trees, since, just like humans, the tree sprouts through seeds, grows, takes root, blooms, bears fruit, and maintains a balance of life between heaven and earth.

According to the Bible, it is one of the two special trees that were placed in the garden of Eden. It is also known as the Paradise Tree or Genesis Tree, and the belief says that it is a representation of eternal lifewhich bore the fruit of immortality. In the New Testament it is also associated with salvation of mankind.

For the Assyrians, the tree is linked to Ishtar, goddess of fertility and destructionA very important deity in Mesopotamia.

In Celtic culture, it is a symbol of life and protectionThe Celts believed that there was divine power in every tree. The Celts believed that there was divine power in every tree in existence.

In Chinese tradition, as in Persian, the tree of life is associated with the immortality.

Within the Scandinavian culture, roots were believed to possess all knowledge and wisdom of the world.

In Norse mythology, it meant the union of the spirit world with the world of man. The upper branches represented the heavenly spirits, the trunk represented the realm of man on earth, and the roots symbolized the spirits of the underworld.

In India, the roots represent God, the trunk represents the arrival of civilization, and the leaves, human beings.

Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning:

  • Sacred Symbol
  • Creation
  • Christianity
  • Spirituality
  • Fertility
  • Immortality
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Nutrition
  • Purification
  • Growth
  • Vitality
  • Expansion
  • Balance
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Life Cycles
  • Evolution

Here are some images of Tree of Life tattoos:

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