The trident is a three-pointed spear, usually aligned in a straight line, although there is some variation according to its purpose. This piece, widely used by various civilizations throughout history, is a powerful symbol, also used as a weapon and working tool.

It is often associated with marine deities, such as Poseidon and Neptune, since it was the gun most commonly used for fishing. According to legend, it was a Cyclops who forged the trident as a weapon full of power and dominion over the seas. In the hands of these deities, the trident was seen as a terrible weapon, capable of causing tsunamis, storms, and sinking ships.

As a weapon of war, it was used by people from lower classes, who could not afford more sophisticated weapons. It was also widely used by Greek and Roman gladiators, called "net fighters," combining the weapon with a fishing net.

In Hinduism, the trident or trishula was the weapon chosen by Shiva. In his hands, the trident was both a devastating weapon and a symbol of the modes of existence, tendencies, and qualities of Indian philosophy (balance, passion, and chaos).

In Taoism, the trident represented the Taoist Trinity of gods or the Pure Three ? Yuanshi, Lingbao and Daode Tianzun.

In Christianity, the devil gained trappings of who he sought to combat, and in this case, the trident sought to combat Greco-Roman beliefs.

Meaning of the Trident Tattoo:

  • Go to
  • Power
  • Seas
  • Storms
  • Chaos
  • Mythology
  • Religion
  • Divinity
  • Trinity
  • Weapon
  • Tool
  • War
  • Fishing
  • Insignia
  • Emblem

Here are some images of Trident tattoos:

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