Music is a universal language that is part of most people's lives. It is a great form of expression that can inspire us in many moments. The tattoo that honors this passion comes through many symbols, such as notes, artists, lyrics, and instruments, especially for those who like to listen and make their own sound.

The guitar and the guitar are very popular examples of tattoos with this theme, as they are some of the most played instruments in the world. Their image is not only used by musicians, but also by music lovers. In addition, they are also used as a symbol of rebellion, freedom, creativity, romance and life on the road.

Many meanings Personal feelings can be conveyed through both the guitar and the guitar, and this depends on all of the components that accompany the instrument. A guitar with flowers, for example, conveys an image of peace and love, while a guitar with skulls and flames conveys a much darker feeling.

An important fact is that they say that you should not tattoo them on the lower limbs, as this would be considered disrespectful to the instrument.

Guitar and Guitar Tattoo Meaning:

  • Love for music
  • Musical Instruments
  • Freedom
  • Melody
  • Society
  • Road
  • Expression
  • Inspiration
  • Romance
  • Creativity
  • Peace
  • Dark
  • Rebellion
  • Tribute

See some images of Guitar and Acoustic guitar tattoos:

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