Witches are known worldwide in the popular imagination through movies and fantasy stories. Those in fiction are usually portrayed as old, ugly, warty, and evil, but nowadays there is a new wave of witches and wizards, much more modern, free, with great knowledge and wisdom.

In the old days, to be considered a witch was something very dangerous. Many women who refused to obey the rules of the church were tortured and burned alive at the stake. Today, people who continue to practice magic are no longer persecuted and can use it freely, for good as well as for evil. They don't need to follow religions or join a group. They can simply follow their own intuition and instinct.

Witch tattoos can have many different compositions. Here are some elements that give special meaning to the design:

  • Witch's Broom - freedom, female power
  • Hat - connection with higher planes
  • Spider's web - desire to obtain new knowledge
  • Skeleton and Skull ? focus on reaching your goals
  • Candle - inner world
  • Owl ? Wisdom, link with nature
  • Snake - hidden danger nearby
  • Cauldron ? past and present, control over life, changes
  • Bat - spiritual side


Meaning of Witch Tattoo:

  • Magic
  • Sorcery
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Black Magic
  • Self-confidence
  • Freedom
  • Mysticism
  • Power
  • Scary
  • Spiritualism
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Paganism
  • Pursuit
  • Occultism
  • Instinct
  • Intuition


Here are some images of tattoos with Witches:

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