The memes that are so successful on the internet are a viral language, and have the power to quickly spread themselves, reaching millions of people all over the world. The influence of this information passes not only from one internet user to another through websites, but the memes come to life leaving the virtual realm and end up on shirts, caps, mugs, and eventually tattoos.

The most recent memes are those that look like they were drawn in Paint, and usually appear in funny comics as typical reactions that are very identifiable in everyday life, such as the Forever Alone. This meme brings the most embarrassing situations of a loner, the guy who sends love messages to himself and always ends up talking to himself in the middle of his friends' circle.

Another little guy who has been very successful recently in the virtual world is Nyan Cat, a video that mixes a rather annoying little Japanese song consisting of the repetition of ?nyanyan? and the drawing of a cat in pixel art flying around leaving a rainbow trail to the sound of pop. Almost endlessly. And, inexplicably, the viral ended up winning over some people who tattooed the pixel cat on their ankles, breasts, and arms.

And perhaps the most famous of all is the bastard Troll Face, the one who makes fun of other people's faces and still laughs a little. Just like Forever Alone, the Troll appears in comics that portray in a comical and unusual way the common and embarrassing situations that everyone goes through.

The common reaction to the tirades, or rather trolling, is Poker Face, which has also become a tattoo, even on the lips.

Memes becoming tattoos is not only surprising, but it reinforces the power of the Internet to spread ideas, stimulating behavior and new types of viral reproduction.


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