Anyone who looks at any picture of the modern pin up Sabina Kelley can imagine a thousand things about her, but without a doubt, few actually know who this woman is.

Blonde, curvaceous, blue-eyed, 1.80 tall, and with arms covered in tattoos, the Californian model and dancer is a wife, mother of three, and totally averse to partying. Her weekend is limited to dinner with her husband and walks with the kids.

Inspired by greats like Sally Rand, Lili St. Cyr, and, of course, the notorious Bettie Page, Sabina is considered one of today's top burlesque icons, and a strong candidate to succeed Dita Von Teese as burlesque's diva-mor, except, of course, for the amount of ink on the blonde's skin.

Ex-dancer and ex-show girl, Sabina was once invited to do an essay with a pin up theme, and never left this universe that, as she says, is passionate. Today she has more than 50 covers, essays, editorials, and many tattoos in her career.

She tells that her taste for tattoos started early, the first, a drawing of a horseshoe and a swallow tattoos on the back of her neck almost got her the job as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Soon after came other, actually several tattoos all over her body, especially on her arms, the left one dedicated to traditional designs, and the right one in Japanese style with most of the designs done by her husband, tattoo artist Kent Kelley, but also with art signed by Kat Von D, Cartoon, among other great tattoo artists.

Sabina currently owns two tattoo studios, a tattoo removal clinic where clients are seen by her, who is a certified specialist in tattoo removal, and travels the world with her burlesque performances, not to mention taking care of her home, husband, and children. Sabina is no small thing, right?

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