The Rabbit's Foot is one of the oldest known symbols of luck. The animal is known for its fertility, cunning and intelligence, and for these reasons it was believed that carrying a part of the animal would bring good luck and prosperity in life in general.

According to some beliefs, there were differences between the limbs used and the way they were acquired. According to them, the ideal foot, the one that would bring the most luck, would be the left one from the back of a white and spotless rabbit. The rabbit should be killed naturally or with as little suffering as possible. One should carry it on the right side of the body, to balance one's energies with those of the rabbit.

Another myth involving the rabbit is that they were magical beings that could cure any disease. It was believed that leaving a sick person in the presence of a rabbit would bring healing. Because of the convenience of not having to carry a whole rabbit, the foot became an amulet of protection and good luck.

Meaning of Rabbit's Foot Tattoo

  • Good luck
  • Lucky charm
  • Positive energy
  • Protection talisman
  • Prosperity
  • Magical Beings
  • Healing


Here are some images of rabbit's foot tattoos:

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